Token Sale

PT NHC TEKNOLOGI INDONESIA before opening a public sale of NHC or Token Sale through a crypto exchange, we open opportunities for investors to join in the private sale of NHCOIN sales, the company guarantees a buyback if at the time of listing the NHCOIN price is below the purchase price.

We offer special initial prices for investors who will join the private sale.

Price IDR 500,- / NHC - with a minimum purchase of IDR 250,000,000, -


Price IDR 600,- / NHC - with a minimum purchase of IDR 150,000,000


Price IDR 700,- / NHC - with a minimum purchase of IDR 150,000,000


Price IDR 950,- / NHC – dengan minimal pembelian IDR 10.000.000,-


The company will provide a contract and a buyback guarantee certificate to investors who participate in the private sale, and we will record the contract on the TRUSTI blockchain platform.


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Purchases without a buy back guarantee

Kami menawarkan kontribusi Token Sale tanpa jaminan buy back dengan harga Rp. 950 / NHC dengan minimal pembelian IDR 500.000,-

Price IDR 950,- / NHC - with a minimum purchase of IDR 500,000


Teknis kontribusi Token Sale atau event private sale ini dilakukan dikantor kami di Wisma NH Lantai 4  Jalan Raya Pasar Minggu Pancoran Jakarta Selatan. Silahkan menghubungi admin digroup kami untuk info dan keterangan lebih lanjut.

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