Signing of SPK Gold Barter Service

PT NHC Teknologi Indonesia created a digital assets with underlying gold named NHCoin. This digital asset can be used by everyone on a daily basis for store of value purposes, barter transactions and savings and loans or collateral.

NHC is partnered with DinDir which is one of the local cooperatives in Indonesia. Applications that have been built are possible user or users can digitally barter between NHCoin for physical gold. This collaboration is expected to trigger the adoption of other blockchain technologies in Indonesia, as well as provide benefits for the public to have more confidence in crypto business.

Signing of SPK NHC with DinDir

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The second partnership is with DEKOPIN (Indonesian Cooperative Council). The signing of the MOU will take place on February 9, 2021 at our office. DEKOPIN was represented by Dr. Agung Sudjatmoko, S.Pd., M.M. who is the Deputy Chairperson of DEKOPIN.

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Dr. Agung Sudjatmoko "Blockchain technology creates a transparent business system, uses digital assets and as a business system that can build trust and provide security guarantees for the perpetrators. One of the breakthroughs that can be made by the cooperative movement towards digitalization is to collaborate with PT. NHC Technology to build a digital financial system on top of the cooperative ecosystem through the use of Neo Holistic, one of which is a new instrument in the cooperative ecosystem "