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Neo Holistic Coin

NHCOIN is a Digital Asset that can be easily converted
for barter, store of value, saving & lending purposes

Neo Holistic Coin

Digital assets that are easily converted into tools for bartering, investing & saving and lending.

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About Derivatif Poin

Derivative bartering is NHC's bartering service for its derivatives, namely NHPOIN & NHGOLD which have different functions and services to support the ecosystem.

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NHC Ecosystem Pillars


Store Of Value Ecosystem Services


NHC Barter Services for Derivative Products


NHCOIN is built on top of blockchain protocol using the highest security standards

Wide range of function

  • NHC can be converted to physical gold
  • NHC can be used as collateral to apply for loan
  • NHC can be used as a store of value
  • NHC is digital asset of choices for various cooperatives in Indonesia

Token Allocation

Total Supply of NHC is 500,000,000 NHC
Allocation divided into two parts, namely the allocation of tokens sold
and allocation of the distribution of stored tokens


  • July 2019

    Business Concept

  • January 2020

    Build Team

  • April 2020

    Company Licensed

  • June 2020

    Token Development & Testing 

  • July 2020

    Feasibility Study

  • November 2020

    Creation Whitepaper

    Assessment With Bullwhales

  • Q1 2021

    Partnership With Dindir

    Listing on Crypto Exchange

    Development Saving & Collateral App

  • Q2 2021

    Development Barter Derivatif

    Development Exclusive Arbitrase

    Explore Partnership with DEKOPIN

NHCOIN is On ERC20 & Vexanium

Contract Addresss ERC20


  • Symbol  NHC
  • Decimal 8
  • Burnable Token
  • Total Supply 500.000.000 NHC

Contract Address Vexanium


Total Supply
Token Sale Allocation


Use wallet NHCOIN to join the pillars of the investment ecosystem

In addition to storing and sending NHC assets, the NHCOIN Wallet mobile application has saving and collateral features which are the pillars of the store of value ecosystem developed in this project.

Total NHC assets that have been locked in the saving ecosystem

96,743 NHC


The NHCOIN project is partnered with Bullwhales in conducting an assessment for the purpose of assessing the quality and validity of the NHCOIN project.

Bullwhales is a research and strategy firm that specializes in digital assets and global macro markets.

Listing on the Exchange

NHC is listed on the crypto exchange PROBIT

With NHC-USDT trading pair

Join the Trading Competition with total prizes 25.000 NHC

31 March 2021, 13.00 UTC +7 - 15 April 2021, 21.00 UTC +7

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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a system of recording transactions in many databases that are widely distributed over many computers, each of which contains an identical record. This system is also known as a distributed ledger. With this decentralized record of transactions, it is almost impossible to unilaterally hack or change, without changing the total number of all the databases.

What is digital asset?

Digital assets is a an asset based on blockchain technology that are used in certain ecosystems

What are examples of Digital Asset?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple are examples of digital assets, including NHCOIN which is one of the newest crypto assets.

What is NHPOIN?

Barter media for products (goods / services) called NHP, valued at 1:1 with Rupiah.

As Featured In

Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, S.H.

According to Prof. Jimly, NHCoin can provide a touch of technological innovation so that cooperatives can continue to develop. This is a digital financial system revolution that must be welcomed and immediately matured with a collaborative system between NHC Teknologi Indonesia and the Cooperative Movement. "Right now there has indeed been an extraordinary acceleration, change, adaptation and transformation are developing rapidly due to extraordinary digital technology," he added.


Prof. Dr. Jimly Asshiddiqie, S.H.

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